I’m back! And I’ve just about proved that human combustion is a thing…

Primary season… It’s kind of like funerals, it brings out the best & worst in people. I’m a politics junkie & I get my daily fix with talk radio, news, & a couple blogs I follow. 

As I’ve said before, I’m a conservative/libertarian, so I’m keeping a close eye on the GOP bench. All 146 of them that are running for president, with a guy  with a loud mouth & a squirrel on his head leading the pack… No I’m not a Trump fan. I appreciate the wrecking ball quality he offers & it’s entertaining watching him go rounds with the media. I do not however support the idea of a cult following for any candidate & that seems like this is what our political system has devolved to. I keep wanting to scream at people “this is more important than American idol!!!”

Breathe in, breathe out! This will be the third election I’ve been able to vote in & it’s the first I’ve actually been excited for. The state I live in doesn’t have a primary until May, & my state is bright red so my opinion isn’t going to change much, but here goes… I’m for Ted Cruz & have been since 2013. When he stood up against ACA & supposedly shut down the government, I cheered! I thought, “if this guy is for real I want him for president…” Well I apparently wasn’t alone. I’ve since done piles of research & read his book & my opinion has only become stronger. 

There are others that I could support if they receive the nomination, but no one has a consistently conservative track record like Cruz. The man memorized the constitution & is simply brilliant. I truly feel like he is the statesman we need in this hour. It’s not about flash or family names, it’s about honor, principle, & integrity. You may disagree with the man I’ve chosen, but I encourage everyone to think about what is actually important, not what’s fun or entertaining. Compare these men & women against our founders’ philosophies & see where they stand. This is a critical time in our country & we can either choose to embrace lies or stand for principle. In the end those are the only two options. 

 Semper Invicti


One thought on “I’m back! And I’ve just about proved that human combustion is a thing…

  1. *clap,clap, applause,standing ovation* thank you for voicing my opinion in words better than I could come up with!!!! I come from the same fabric(literally) and hope no one unravels our nicely cut material that hopefully we will use one day to create an American flag-hello Betsy Ross? I hope for a candidate that “makes America great again.” Just not the way Trump thinks(shutter). Thanks again and well done! (See I didn’t make fun of you!)

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