I’m back! And I’ve just about proved that human combustion is a thing…

Primary season… It’s kind of like funerals, it brings out the best & worst in people. I’m a politics junkie & I get my daily fix with talk radio, news, & a couple blogs I follow. 

As I’ve said before, I’m a conservative/libertarian, so I’m keeping a close eye on the GOP bench. All 146 of them that are running for president, with a guy  with a loud mouth & a squirrel on his head leading the pack… No I’m not a Trump fan. I appreciate the wrecking ball quality he offers & it’s entertaining watching him go rounds with the media. I do not however support the idea of a cult following for any candidate & that seems like this is what our political system has devolved to. I keep wanting to scream at people “this is more important than American idol!!!”

Breathe in, breathe out! This will be the third election I’ve been able to vote in & it’s the first I’ve actually been excited for. The state I live in doesn’t have a primary until May, & my state is bright red so my opinion isn’t going to change much, but here goes… I’m for Ted Cruz & have been since 2013. When he stood up against ACA & supposedly shut down the government, I cheered! I thought, “if this guy is for real I want him for president…” Well I apparently wasn’t alone. I’ve since done piles of research & read his book & my opinion has only become stronger. 

There are others that I could support if they receive the nomination, but no one has a consistently conservative track record like Cruz. The man memorized the constitution & is simply brilliant. I truly feel like he is the statesman we need in this hour. It’s not about flash or family names, it’s about honor, principle, & integrity. You may disagree with the man I’ve chosen, but I encourage everyone to think about what is actually important, not what’s fun or entertaining. Compare these men & women against our founders’ philosophies & see where they stand. This is a critical time in our country & we can either choose to embrace lies or stand for principle. In the end those are the only two options. 

 Semper Invicti