Introducing my old friend, Personal Responsibility

If you knew me, in person you might call me straight-laced. Maybe I am, but that’s neither here nor there. I simply live the life I want to live. I want you to do the same. I want people to leave me alone. Not in an isolation sense, but why is it that people feel burdened to comment on all the reasons they think your way of living is ridiculous? If anyone wants to sit down over a cup of coffee and rationally explain why they think I’m wrong or even crazy, I welcome it. If my way of life doesn’t harm you or infringe on your freedoms, you shouldn’t actually care what I’m doing. Same goes for me.

I could argue specifics, but why bother? the arguments have been discussed ad nauseum by much more intelligent people than me. I feel like we live in a society peopled by the desperately bored. That’s my only explanation for why someone would have a morbid fascination with other people’s lives. Morals can’t be legislated. If I believe something is immoral I should have the freedom to say as much, but I shouldn’t have the power to make you comply. That’s in the realm of personal conviction. Once upon a time we were all allowed to live according to our individual convictions. That is the picture of freedom I long for.

I don’t have any problems with working and living around people I fundamentally disagree with and my desire is that others will adopt that concept as well. The only stipulations I would put in place are two simple ideas: you don’t harm others and you don’t expect others to fund your success or failure. Personal Responsibility is a beautiful idea. You have the freedom to succeed or fail based upon your actions. It’s so simple. Are there people who can’t handle such a radical idea? The answer is a resounding yes. People are not pure and perfect, if they were this would be a utopia and all of this would be immaterial. However, if I decided to destroy my life with something as mild as laziness or as extreme as hardcore drug use, I suffer the consequences. I reap the reward of a life wasted in hedonism. There are absolutes in life, but we should all be free to explore them. If I plant a pumpkinĀ seed, I have a reasonable expectation of getting a pumpkin, not an apple tree. There are things in life that have been proven stumbling blocks on the road to success, but if you want to take that detour there should be the optional off ramp. Just because I disagree doesn’t mean I should restrain you.

Out of this liberty, anything can be birthed. Do what you truly want to do, pursue happiness. While you’re on that road don’t tell your fellow travelers what to think and don’t demand they pay for your excursion, just press on toward whatever you’re seeking. Keep your friend Personal Responsibility close.

Semper Invicti



By the title, you can tell I’m of the hated generation of millennials. Depending on your point of view, I could be a voice that makes you believe that we’re not all that bad or I might just give you one more reason to believe we are allĀ the scourge of humankind. It’s all up to you. I’m under no illusions, I don’t think that people are waiting with baited-breath for what I might have to say. Really, this is like a pressure release valve for me. I read things and listen to different podcasts and I realized there are a lot of assumptions made about my generation, not without foundation, but I don’t believe anyone should be painted with a broad brush. I think stretching back into the stone age the previous generation has always criticized the upcoming generation. Unfortunately, my peer-group has provided a lot of fodder for criticism, but I’d like to remind the critics: you raised us!

I have a full time job working in a quasi-government agency and I’m a college student. I felt that, I’ve just been categorized. You might be surprised. I do not identify myself with the Left pop culture politics that seems to characterize my peers. My family is kind of strange and might explain why I have my views today. My dad was a Republican and my mom was a Democrat when they were first married. My mom changed over time and now identifies as a Libertarian and my dad is somewhere between Republican and Libertarian. My grandparents are all Democrat. On one side you have Pacific Northwest Democrat and on the other you have Southern Democrat. Why does this matter? Well, from all this I’ve heard just about every side of the arguments during Thanksgiving. Now, I consider myself a “Conservitarian” I’m a cross between Libertarian and Conservative, leaning more toward Libertarian. I’m tired of this bi-partisan idea, I don’t want to identify myself by a party that seems to be a thousand years old. I want to identify myself with principles that are timeless. That to me is the only viable option and that’s what this blog is about. You can love me or hate me, and you know what? I’m okay with that I actually believe in the radical idea of freedom.

Semper Invicti